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Salvation Junkies provides estate liquidation, junk removal and hauling services. We pride ourselves in keeping reusable items out of the landfill.

The EPA reported in 2018 that the U.S has 292.4 Tons of trash or 4.9 pounds per person per day. Approximately 15 million used garments are sent to Ghana from the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia. These items mostly come from Charities and clothing bins. 60 percent of these items are not usable and end up in a landfill on the banks of Korle Lagoon. (Besser, 2021)

Our Organization

Our mission is to do our part in making sure that reusable items are separated and distributed to other non profit organizations, donations centers, and directly to people in need of items.

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We are a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Orgranization.

Our Services & Estimates

Street Outreach Program

Proceeds will go towards building a Street Outreach Team that benifits the unhouse population. Our hope is to bring evidence base practice Harm Reduction to our local community.